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LifeControl Smart Home System

Ecosystem of smart home devices makes everyday tasks smarter and easier. The product family is ready to use as soon as you unpack it, no installation or service providers required!

Client: Megafon


This project has started as an internal concept that was meant to create affordable and universal smarthome solution, later it appeared that one of the biggest Russian carriers, Megafon, was also interested in developing a smarthome solution for Russian market. So we've developed and proposed below concept to Megafon which was approved for development.

In order to create a strong and valuable core of the product we started from the initial concept development and market research which helped to define product positioning, ecosystem and established a solid basis for design language.

While working on this project, we conducted an extensive market analysis, created a business case, and developed a complete ecosystem of partners for software development and manufacturing. Since all this information can’t be disclosed, we will share how we’ve developed the design language for this product line.

Finding the Core

The initial idea for the smart home system was based around main 4G/3G Hub through which user would connect all additional smart home devices like: door and window sensor, smart lamp, smart plug, air quality sensor, plant sensor, leak sensor, motion sensor and fire alarm. Ecosystem also included devices that could be used as standalone units to perform non-smarthome functions like: fitness trackers, gps trackers and various health tracking devices. We subdivided above entities into groups to systemize their positioning.

Design Language

Following above concept we started to look for the form that would visualise and support this core approach.

Among above candidates ELLIPSE and CIRCLE shape has been chosen as design basis for future design of devices.
Which after several iterations has been visualized into first 4G Hub concept, along with several conceptual sensors design.

In parallel we've created a set of moodboards that would complement industrial design language and narrow down future Brand and Visual identity of User Interfaces. We've decided to use Russian industrial and graphical design of the 70s as an inspiration for future design development. This decision was made based on neo future yet nostalgic feel that this era could bring to the perception of the ecosystem.

It was clear that we would not utilize above moodboard as a direct design language since it would create strong DESIGN limitation and would narrow product positioning for the brand. It was just a start, we needed to land the above on a modern perception of the product but keeping some vintage feel. So the final moodboard that we used as a guideline for future design language was the following.

In order to support the concept for internal use — we've also directed video production of internal product presentation that described main usecases of the ecosystem.

Based on above materials and keeping in mind that we've also developed full UI and UX concept of the ecosystem and business case the project has been kicked off. You can visit to see final design of all product that you can now buy and install at your home to enjoy modern smart-home solution from Megafon.

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