On May 29th 2018 Yandex announced that it is entering the smart-speaker market with its new product Yandex.Station. In appreciation for this moment, we would like to dive a bit deeper into the history of the Yandex and NotAnotherOne collaboration on this amazing product.

To create a unique and recognizable design asset, Yandex invited NotAnotherOne to develop an industrial design and engineer a mechanical design for Yandex.Station.

Following Yandex requirements, NotAnotherOne used our design-driven process in conducting a competitor analysis, ideation and design development, which resulted in a timeless yet modern and beautiful design that stands out among products available on the market.

Yandex is committed to delivering first-class product features and quality in order to provide a truly remarkable experience to its’ customers.

Both hi-fi sound quality and video capability requirements raised standards and created many challenges for the industrial design and mechanical engineering.

While working together with the Yandex team, NotAnotherOne solved these technical and design issues during the development and manufacturing process to bring a design to life that is emphasized by high-quality materials.

A balanced combination of soft fabric and matte aluminum finish, enclosed into a solid shape and powered by top-notch hardware and Yandex software, has resulted in a premium product with seamless interaction and a unique user experience specifically designed for Yandex customers.

NotAnotherOne team is proud to be a part of the Yandex.Station product to provide an advanced user-experience and bring great value to Yandex ecosystem of products and services.

May 29th. 2018 NotAnotherOne inc.

images used above, may differ from the commercial product

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