Yandex.Station Mini

In October 2019, Yandex has announced the release of Yandex.Station Mini, a compact version of their smart speaker Yandex.Station. A new model is integrated with a voice assistant Alice and can be controlled by voice and gestures. Yandex invited notAnotherOne to join their efforts in expanding Yandex product line of smart speakers.

Our specialists tracked the implementation of the design elements set during the creation of the first Yandex.Station, worked on industrial design and took part in QA procedures during the manufacturing process.

Client: Yandex

Design language

Yandex.Station Mini has become a natural continuation of Yandex's family of Alice-enabled devices. To stay cohesive with design language, we've incorporated distinctive visual elements of Yandex.Station into the design of a new product and highlighted brand elements of voice assistant Alice.


In contrast to the rectangular housing of the first Yandex.Station, the Mini's round shape differentiates itself as a stand-alone device, yet its diameter is derived from control panel of its predecessor.

Top cover

Alice's logo in the center lights up with a different pattern every time the user interacts with the device. A semitransparent vax layer on the top keeps the logo invisible while the voice assistant is inactive and softens the intensity of LED light.

Grill Pattern

The grill pattern and neatly perforated holes for the 4-mic array communicate continuity with Yandex.Station devices. With a ToF sensor placed under the cutouts, the user can adjust the volume with gestures. The absence of physical buttons pays tribute to minimalistic design and marks a new trend in consumer electronics.


A compact cylinder-shaped device with its housing wrapped in knitted fabric seamlessly blends into the home interior. As its predecessor does, Mini comes into 2 colors: "graphite black" and "white".


Matte finish plastic panel with a microphone off button, USB Type-C and AUX ports on the back of the device is reminiscent of the heat sink of Yandex.Station.

notAnotherOne appreciates the opportunity to be involved in the development of Yandex ecosystem of smart devices and is grateful to Yandex Team for their trust.

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