On May 29th 2018 Yandex announced that it is entering the smart-speaker market with its new product Yandex.Station. In appreciation for this moment, we would like to dive a bit deeper into the history of the Yandex and notAnotherOne collaboration on this amazing product.

To create a unique and recognizable design asset, Yandex invited notAnotherOne to develop an industrial design and engineer a mechanical design for Yandex.Station.

Our team was excited about the given opportunity; we all shared a vision to create a very solid visual appearance, so we first started by creating design language and industrial design concepts for future Yandex consumer devices.

Client: Yandex

Yandex.Station aimed to set the design direction for all future Yandex hardware devices and at the same time keep the brand elements of Alice, the voice assistant integrated into the speaker.

Station in the device's name evokes the image of a space station and we elaborated on the space theme throughout the design process. We also incorporated violet, the brand color of the assistant Alice, into color scheme of the product line.


Converting cosmic elements into visual symbols, we chose a vortex as the hidden core of a future family of devices. While not the main visual component, it still adds a sense of flow and energy to the product's shape and strengthens the brand's identity.


The surface with continuous curvature grants a smooth transition of the lines crafting an aesthetically pleasant geometry.


The external configuration of the heat sink along with its greater surface area enables maximum heat dissipation and turns it into a unique design element.


The aluminum case with its charcoal and silver matte finish combines elegance and practicality of cutting-edge tech products.


Exclusively designed knitted fabric provides superior acoustic characteristics, creates a pleasant touch and visual appeal, and fits a variety of interior design styles.

notAnotherOne team is proud to be a part of the Yandex.Station product to provide an advanced user-experience and bring great value to Yandex ecosystem of products and services.

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